Thursday, September 30, 2010

He's Gaining!

Buddy has always been hard to feed.  When he was little, he was picky, and then he was diagnosed with allergies, and was forced to get over the picky-ness to avoid starvation.  He's been gluten and dairy free for more than four years, and it's made a world of difference in him.  He feels better, can focus easier, and is much easier to live with.  But even as his diet contracted and then expanded, he's always been a skinny guy.  And then he fell off the growth chart.  70% for height, under the chart for weight.  This is a real concern, because his tremors get worse when he doesn't get good nutrition.

It got so bad that my new year's resolution this year was to bulk him up, no matter the cost.  We started buying outrageously expensive GF/DF treats to tempt him.  But he just didn't care to eat them.  We bought him a 6 pack of frosting loaded cupcakes, and told him he could eat as many as he wanted, whenever he wanted.  He ate 2 in a week.  If I'd made that offer to any of my other kids, they'd have the box gone in an afternoon! We started loading him down with high fat foods, adding coconut milk to his smoothies, even forcing him to eat snacks.

And as his height continued to shoot up, he still wasn't eating much, or gaining anything.  And then, like magic, he started to gain!  6 pounds in 4 weeks!  He broke 100 pounds!  Yipee he's back on the growth chart!  Now go eat a cupcake in his honor.

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