Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Plunder and Pillage!

When your family includes a kid with multiple allergies, a vegetarian mom, and the pickiest kid on the planet, finding a restaurant that makes everyone happy is almost impossible.  So when one of your favorites offers a free meal, you jump at the chance!

  Even if it means wearing a fake mustache in public!   HuHot, one of our favorite places to eat, sent out a message to all their Facebook fans, that if we came dressed like the Kahn, we could pillage for FREE!  So not only did we show up in costume, we brought friends! 

It was totally fun that only a few people in the place were dressed up.  The rest of the patrons just thought we were crazy nuts who wore those outfits and mustaches for our own entertainment. 

As we and our friends gathered on the sidewalk in front of the store, and I applied face paint mustaches all around.  As I finished my friend Jamie's face, a man we didn't know walked up ready for his turn!  So I obliged!


asian~treasures said...

It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO fun! I'm certainly hope they do it again. : ) We'll plunder & pillage with you guys any time!

Janna said...

That is hilarious!!! I guess we missed out--what an adventurous family you have! ;o)

And you have me curious, do you actually have some hissing cockroaches as pets?!