Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Neighbors

We have the cutest neighbors!
 First we met Jr.  He hangs out in our strawberry patch.  My girls were nearly hysterical with delight when they found him.
Here's a better shot, "hiding" under the fence.  He's about 4" long.
Here's thier house, and mama.  My kids are glued to the kitchen window, watching them hop around.  Unfortunately, the kitchen window is over the sink, so my kids are spending a lot of time sitting with their feet in the sink.  I suggested they do the dishes while they were there, but they never did.  I can't imagine why!


Bethany said...

Never did the dishes...HA!!!

That is so much fun. I love it when little things like that are big things for my kids. It's good to see them enjoy creation.

asian~treasures said...

: ) Forget the the strawberries!

Susan said...

Oh, how sweet! My kids (and I ) would love to find a surprise like this in our strawberry patch!