Friday, June 11, 2010

A List

This is a list of the things Milo the Wonder Cat ate while we were on vacation:

My calendar
My school notebook.  (The one with 5 weeks of planning in it.)
1/2 a loaf of bread
Misc. mail
Oreo cookie crumbs out of the bag he pulled from the trash
and last, our frog.  Which, apparently, did not agree with his stomach.

Anyone want a cat?

Update: Add the handle from the container in which we store the laundry soap


Rachel said...

Are you kidding??

I didn't know cats could handle all of that. Then again, I've never had a cat. Ever. With a husband terribly allergic I don't think we ever will.

Sorry about the frog. That sounds gross.


Diana said...

Oy! He sounds like my old cat! She ate string, wicker baskets, and one time... glass! And her litter box stank to high heaven! Sorry about the loss of planning.

Katie said...

certainly a wonder cat! i don't think a toddler could even do all of that damage. poor frog!

Katie said...

btw, not sure if you saw my post, but maybe a baby carrier would keep milo in check.