Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Vow

I'd like for each and every one of you to make a solemn vow.  Please, please do not tell Mr. Picky that Danonino is actually yogurt.  He ate one, and liked it, but I know that if he knew it was yogurt, he'd never eat it again.  He hates yogurt!

How do I know this?  He used to like tomato soup.  As long as it was called ketchup soup, it was delicious.  As soon as it was unveiled as actually containing a tomato, it was disgusting, and never touched again.  It could happen again!


Janna said...

Popping over to wish you fun in Chicago! ;o) And I didn't realize you were adopting--that is so awesome!!

Now on topic--I've got myself a variety of picky eaters too--Isabella is anti-American cheese and doesn't want it mixed or melted or on anything. Weirdo. ;o)

Rachel said...

Oh no! I hate it when they do that!

Katie said...

Your secret is safe with me! We called many foods "pizza" when J was younger. However, he was on to us by the time he turned 2.