Friday, June 4, 2010

Dice Fun

 It started simply.  I was looking for an easy way to practice adding with Mac.  We took 2 dice, rolled and added them together.  To his great delight, they added up to four, his age, and therefore, favorite number.  While he was willing to add any numbers, the ones that equaled four were the ones he got excited about, making that the goal, so we started calling the game "Four".  Soon we decided we needed four dice, and the goal was to make as many fours as we could.

Then he had his birthday.  Surprise!  The game is now five!  We roll five dice and pair them up to make fives.  While this game was fun, it only gets more exciting when we add the other kids.  Ellie is working on subtraction, so she can add or subtract to make her number, seven, and she gets seven dice.  Emma gets eleven and she gets to add, subtract and multiply.  We keep track of how many fives, sevens and elevens rolled in each round, and after a dozen rounds, we add up our points!

Now, if you really want a challenge, play 14 with Isaac.  He gets 14  multi-sided dice, and the equations are complicated enough to need a calculator!

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