Friday, April 2, 2010

Adoption Update

I admit it, right here and  publicly, that I've been going a bit nuts gathering all the required paperwork for our home study.  I've been so intent on getting it all done that I neglected to read the directions thoroughly.  I only needed to send in 6 things to initiate the home study, not the entire package!  So, a bit embarrassed, I am taking those 6 things to the post office this morning.  Poor Hubs has been hounded high and low to come up with his pages, while I ran around like a woman possessed  frantically making copies!  The good news is, we have almost all the paperwork gathered, so when we actually get the home study scheduled, I will have the complete file!

We are required to take an adoption class, and our choices were to go mid April or mid June.  I really wanted to go to the April class, but it's on a co-op day, and as I'm the boss and a teacher, I knew I couldn't go.  When my friends at co-op found out, they insisted we go!  My friends Sheri and Michelle are covering our kids, and friend Jessie is subbing for my class.  I almost cried right there!

So, the tornado that is me is slowly spinning down.  Well, at least until we schedule the home study itself.  Then I will probably become a house cleaning maniac.  Pray for Hubs's sanity!


Felicia said...

You are about to embark ion quite a new journey. I will enjoy following it.

Katie S. said...

Slow down, Turbo! We're praying!

Kelly said...

I'll keep you in my prayers! It's not fun getting all the paperwork together, but adoption is an amazing journey...I know from experience. Proud mama of a handsome little boy from Guatamala.... :)

Bethany said...

Hi! I saw your comment on Mck's site and am following you! I am really excited for your family in the process. My husband and I hope to adopt in a few years. Thanks for allowing us to get a glimpse into the process. :)