Monday, April 5, 2010

History Fair 2010

The kids participated in our homeschool
organization's history fair this year. Each
kid picks a person to learn about, makes
a display board to show what they learned,
then they do a presentation, in costume,
on the big stage.

Buddy did his display on Genghis Khan,

Mimi chose Queen Elizabeth the First,

and Princess did Pocahontas, after getting beat out of her first pick, Laura Ingalls Wilder, by 30 minutes. 

This is a really fun night, with all the kids (30 displays!), in costume, all running around excited.

Buddy chose to explain how Genghis was not a bad guy, but an incredible leader.  Mimi recited a poem that Elizabeth wrote as a young woman, and Princess played a song on her recorder.

While Mac is to young to participate, he loves to dress up, so he was a pirate, while his buddy Joey was a cowboy.  They spent the night ransacking the place with swords and pop guns.

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missy said...

super cool! a former student of ours has adopted a baby girl, and now a baby born has just been born who they were chosen for, through an infant domestic minority program. i thought you might be interested in their blog...