Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To Colorado and Back

We always have fun visiting Nana and Papa in Colorado!  Mac's favorite place in the whole world is the Butterfly Pavilion.  There he can see all the bugs he wants, hold a tarantula and run through the jungle watching thousands of huge and colorful butterflies.  As he did last time, he asked for a new pet.  He'd love to have a white eyed assassin bug, but they are not available, so he'll accept a tarantula instead.  So far we've managed to put that off!
And when we've had our fill of bugs, we stop at Buddy's favorite lunch spot, Noodles and Co. for some gluten free pasta, and go straight to Jungle Quest.  Imagine harnessing up your kids and sending them flying down  a wire in free fall.  That's Jungle Quest!  They have 3 levels, each one with pairs of zip lines and a cliff dive.  Yes, cliff dive.  The jump off the platform, free fall and then swing 10 feet off the ground.  That's Macs favorite.  He will swing up there as long as they will let him!
We like to go during the school day (another advantage of homescholing!), because we pretty much get the place to ourselves.  This lets my kids get as many turns as they want, and the bonus of being able to run the zip lines backwards!  They run down the landing zone and zip until gravity pulls them back down, again, and again, and again.

After this much fun, they are all willing to sit for the long drive home!

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Jamie said...

Sounds like fun. I love Colorado.