Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Flights of Fantasy

One of my kids favorite things about visiting Nana and Papa's house is the "monkey room".  This is the guest room containing two twin beds with trundles all decorated in monkey themed bedding.  When the trundles are both pulled out, it is literally wall to wall beds, creating many opportunities for bedtime shenanigans.  Isaac recently bowed out of the giant slumber party, so it's just Mac and the girls in there now, giggling and swapping beds every night.

One night on our trip last week I went in to read bedtime stories and as I sat down, I bumped Princess's line up of dolls.  She immediately began crying, sobbing really, and when I asked what was wrong, she said "You hurt them!".  When I said "But they're dolls!"  She answered "You know!  The doll secret!".   Aaaah!  You see, Princess firmly believes that, like the Toy Story movies, her dolls are alive and move when no one is looking.   This belief was only strengthened by The Doll People, a book where doll house dolls have adventures while their owner sleeps. 

I apologized to the dolls for the indignity of having their heads sat on, and we continued with our bedtime routine, but it has left me wondering.  At seven, she still believes in fairies, Santa and the Easter bunny.  Is she to old for this?  And if not, at what age is the cut off?  And how do I break the news to her?  She would not only be devastated if I told her now, but I doubt she'd believe me!   I don't want her to be teased, neither do I want to end the joy of childhood fantasy.

So, for today, the dolls live, but who knows what tomorrow brings!

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TexasHeather said...

She is totally not too old for that. Nurture it and enjoy it as long as it lasts.

My oldest, at 12, just confessed to us this past Christmas that he no longer believes the magic of Santa (although he says he figured it out the year before....). He's totally on board with helping us continue the magic, though, for his younger brothers.

I think I only cried a little bit...