Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lego Necklaces and Chocolate

After seeing how easy they were to make here, The kids and I decided to make our own Lego jewelry.  It was incredibly easy, and we made 6 in just a few minutes. Each kid picked their own color, and now we have a whole collection!
I glued a head on, thinking we could stick different bodies to it, but the kids think it's more fun to wear the disembodied head alone.  We even made a Bionical one!

And do you see the little chocolate guy?  One of the things in Mimi's birthday box, the one I forgot,  was a Lego Popsicle maker, which we poured melted chocolate into.  They came out incredibly cute, so I'm going to make up a batch for my home-school co-op class.  They are truly Lego maniacs!


Jamie said...

Love this idea. My son is insanely wild about Legos. Our dog is even named Lego :)

Anonymous said...

cute idea!