Friday, February 19, 2010

Fluish, But Still Learning!

It's been a week of Jammies days over here.  Pricess kicked the week off with a sick day, and Mimi's been feeling off since Wednesday, so we've gotten almost nothing done.  One of the things I like best about doing school year round is that I don't have to stress out that we just missed almost a full week of school.
 Not to say we didn't learn anything, because our order from Educators Outlet came, and we've been building geometric shapes all week.  These are really fun, and don't tell the kids, but educational too!  These are called Polydrons, and they are now all over my living room floor.  I got a big set so we can share with my co-op class too.  They are having an awesome sale over at Educators Outlet, so if you'd like some for yourself, head over and get them cheap!

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Rachel said...

We are always looking for educational toys! Thanks for the referral!