Monday, March 22, 2010

Firefighter Unit from TOS

 This week we were given a very fun opportunity to review a unit study from The Old Schoolhouse called "When I grow Up, I Want to be a Firefighter".  When I saw the title, I knew it would be a big hit with Mac, and as it was designed for elementary aged kids, I figured Princess(1st grade) would enjoy it, but I was pleasantly surprised to see several activities perfect for Mimi(5th grade) too!

I loved how all inclusive this unit was.  Other than grabbing a handful of library books for bedtime stories, I had everything I needed right in my hands as soon as I printed it.  Not only did it come with all the research, typed out and ready to read aloud to the kids, but it included coloring sheets for Mac, handwriting sheets, (in both print and cursive) for the girls, vocabulary, science lessons, and several sheets of fire related math problems.  It was over 70 pages of information and activities!  But, that wasn't my favorite part.  Nope, my favorite part was the suggestions for snack and lunch ideas!  No research for Muffin Tin Monday to do, because it was all done for me!

I was a bit confused about the many pages covering robots.  I know firefighters use them, but thought the coverage was a bit overboard, so we ended up skimming it. We did make the project for the robot arm, as Mac's best buddy got his first prosthetic arm recently, and it was very fun to assemble. 

Overall, I loved the ease of use, and thoroughness of the unit.  It was nice to have something that could combine not only my elementary aged kids, but with some modifications, a preschooler too.  I was pleased to discover that there are more units by The Old Schoolhouse.  I'm looking forward to getting the police one, and I'm really curious about the pizza unit, and because they are  only $8.95 each, I'm planning to get both!

Because we wanted to extend the fun, we added a few printables from here too:
ABC Teach
Making Learning Fun

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