Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pizza in Whoville AGAIN!

Why does this goofy stuff happen to us? Tonight we returned to the Whoville Pizza Hut, yes the same one from this posting, for supper. Just as we finished eating, a waitress approached our table, and begins to tell Mike all about her bladder and kidney infection. No, I'm not kidding. This was just out of the blue, no lead up, nothing. I'm assuming she works for Mike, and he's saying "Yeah, OK" and nodding. She's telling him what her doctor said, and that she has to go back in tomorrow. Then she asks him a question about her antibiotic, and he just freezes and mouth ajar, says "Ummmm, I don't know, I'm not a doctor."

She pauses, says "I know who you are." and walks away! So I, completely dumbfounded, said "Who is that???" And he says "I have NO idea!" At first he thought she was a new hire at work, and was telling him why she was going to miss work, but eventually we figured out she thought he was one of the doctors here in town!

Mike looks, very faintly like this doc. They are both tall, (although doc is 3 inches taller) both have very short hair and line beards. That's where the resemblance ends! I was SO embarrassed for her! It's a good thing we were done eating, or it would have been the end of our supper right after she described her symptoms!

I So wish we had a different pizza choice, but Whoville only has 2 pizza choices, and we hate the other choice. I guess I better learn to toss pizza crust!


petersonclan said...

We also live in a whoville sized town. The other large family (drives a white 15 passenger) doesn't look anything like us, but everyone always mixes my husband and hers up. Her husband is the local family doc, my husband is the local air ambulance pilot. It cracks me up when people mix them up!!!

Just a funny story, once the other mom was stopped at a drunk driver checkpoint. There was a new cop in town, and she was talking to him as he checked her license, etc. All the sudden another cop ran up and said, "Don't worry about her... she's OK. Her husband's the helicopter pilot."

She said, "No, actually my husband's the doctor."

He answered, "Well, either one of them is fine. If it's a white 15 passenger, it's OK."

Haha! She called me when she got home to let us know we are driving a get out of jail free card!

I LOVE small towns.

Keeslermom said...

OK, now THAT is funny! I need me a big white van!

asian~treasures said...

: ) And, we missed the Whoville Pizza exchange. We so need to have a "snail party" & use our Book-It coupon!! I want to experience Whoville Pizza at it's, um,...finest.


Just Me said...

Oh! That is too funny! Just stumbled across your blog...=)