Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pizza in Whoville

We hit the Pizza Hut here in Whoville for lunch today. We don't usually go to this eatery, because it has a reputation for, well....untimely service. We once had a 5 visit streak where they messed up our order so bad we got the next meal free. Then they messed that one up, and so on. We went today to use up the kid's free mini pizzas for the reading program before they expire. The best part is, I'M the teacher! They always make their reading goals!

Anyway, Mike and I ordered Arnold Palmers, half lemonade, half tea. The waitress had NO idea what it was, so we explained. When it came, it was pure lemonade, no tea. We were confused, but just drank it. The big kids got their drinks in little cups with lids, the little kids came in big glasses, no lids. Then the little pizzas came. Ellie had ordered hr favorite, ham and pineapple, and the pizza had ham on one side, pineapple on the other. We stared quizzically at it, laughed, and gave it to her. Then Mike's pizza came. He had ordered a ham and sausage. In came two pizzas, one ham, one sausage.

Apparently the guy who plays Monk on TV was cooking this week!


asian~treasures said...

Somehow, the pizza oddities & drink confusion doesn't surprise me a bit. I've never eaten at Pizza Hut in Whoville, but other establishments aren't much better!!

Rachael said...

you said nothing? i would have gotten another meal free!!