Friday, August 28, 2009

Becky: The Saga Continues

As I told you earlier this week, we took the last of Becky's babies to the zoo, where they joined a colony of bigger bugs. Only after I had dropped them all off did Mac remind me that we had decided to keep one of the babies. We still had 3 babies at home, because they'd been "reserved" for friends. So, I had to decide, do we keep one, and tell our friends they missed out, or just let them all go?

To my surprise, when we got home, Becky was moping. She was hiding under her wood chips, something she'd never done before. I think she misses them! And then I saw it......One last baby we'd missed, all curled up in the water bowl!

So, We are keeping him? Her? And Becky is back to normal.

I'm thinking Jennifer, or, if it's a boy, maybe Hank. Any opinions?

Update: While delivering those last three buggies, I DUMPED one into my lap, IN THE CAR! Frantically, squealing at top volume, I caught it, and dumped it, not so gently, back into it's little container. Our friend wasn't home for us to deliver to, so we took it back home. When we got home, I wanted to make sure it was OK, so I looked into the tub, and I couldn't see it anywhere! Slowly, I removed some of the bedding. No bug!

Now, frantically wondering if it had escaped into the car, I removed ALL of the bedding. NO BUG! I removed the last thing in the container, a little lid for water. NO BUG!!!!! Now I was feeling ill. We might have to buy a new car!! Ellie would never knowingly get into a car with a loose cockroach in it. Heck, I might not get back into the car! And then, I lifted up the sponge from the water dish, and...there it was!!! Yeah! The car is saved!

Can you imagine me trying to explain to our insurance agent why the van has to be totaled because it has a Madagascar hissing cockroach infestation?

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