Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jungle Quest

Today I hung my children from the ceiling. Both singly and in pairs. The loved it!

It was really kind of a bribe. See, I was meeting with some old friends. OK, not THAT old, just friends I went to school with, and I wanted my kids to be REALLY good.

So, while mommy talked girl-talk, the kids were good, and then........

they got to FLY!

FYI-The kids are 5-20 feet in the air!

Mac was a bit afraid at first, but the lovely lady there was so gentle with him. She lowered him down, then chased him, holding the rope to slow him down. After a few trial runs, he was off and swinging! By the end, he was hanging from the cliff dive, and stayed as long as they'd let him. The attendant would wander over every few minutes and set him swinging again. Watch out Spiderman!

Right before we left, the owner came to tell the kids that he thought they will very well behaved, and compliment Mac for his bravery. He gave Mac this tattoo, and told him that when he was 16, he could come back and work there! Mac does not usually like tattoos, but he won't let me wash this one off!

Update-1 week and 3 baths later, the tattoo is still going strong, but only because Mac won't let me wash his right arm. His elbow is filthy!

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