Friday, July 24, 2009

Colorado, here we come!

We are on vacation!

Although by looking at our list of places we want to go, we are not slowing down much! Today I met a friend from high school, with her two little ones, at a playground for some fun. I had the kids bring me their swim suits when I was packing, so Mac has last year's suit, which is a bit too small, ans Emma only ended up with half a suit, hence the soggy clothes.

This playground was super! It had lots of climbing opportunities for big kids, and some science tossed in for fun. The kids played with gravity and centripetal force until they got too dizzy to walk!

Matthew and Trinity, my friend's kids

And then the fountains came on!

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asian~treasures said...

Looks like you're having fun!
According to Micah, "Church was boring cuz Mac was gone." Adria walked in the doors this morning & said, "Emma? Ellie?"

Your family was missed!

: )