Monday, July 20, 2009

Bring on the Chaos!

We've been living up to our blog name this week, and running ourselves ragged. After playing the orthodontist relay race, and passing 2 kids between their appointments, while juggling simultaneous and conflicting piano lessons, we headed to flute lessons. As we pulled into the teacher's drive, I was informed that my flute student had neglected to bring said instrument! Just sprinkle on the chaos baby!!! Oh, and the orthodontist has generously invited Emma to join in the fun, and get her own personal set of train tracks by Christmas! Thanks doc!

As I stood on the flute teacher's porch waiting to explain our current state of chaos, two guys from the city pulled up and opened the fire hydrant. My kids immediately piled out of the car (think circus clown car) and ran, chucking flip-flops as they went, straight to the gushing water. The city workers just roared with laughter as my kids flung themselves into the gushing stream and sailed their shoes downstream. I can NOT believe I didn't get any pictures!!!


The Soldatke family said...

We MUST be related!!! I don't need pictures; my mind is painting one for me :)

Katie S. said...

I can relate -- chaos has been the name of our game lately, too. However, we haven't had the good fortune of enjoying a fire hydrant party. Sounds like fun!