Thursday, July 2, 2009

An Announcement and Request

This is, I suppose, an announcement of sorts. We are hosting a rather large garage sale this weekend, and many friends have generously contributed both their stuff, and their time, and for that we are truly thankful. And why have all our friends been so generous? They want to help up along on our next big adventure!

We recently had the opportunity to witness our friends David and Sheri journey to Vietnam to bring home their daughter. We were touched deeply as we watched them struggle, pray and cry, first from sheer frustration, and then from pure joy. And we are watching closely as another pair of friends gets ready to travel to pick up their baby daughter (Whose name is NOT Pepsi Kollar!) from Africa. As we watched, we clearly felt a calling to join in this great adventure, so....

our official announcement: We have begun saving and fund raising to bring another little Keesler into our home and hearts. Please pray for us, for our finances, and that we will hear God's plans for us as we strive to fulfill his calling.

Oh, and that we sell a TON of stuff at the garage sale!


asian~treasures said...

Love, love, love these kinds of announcments!!!

We'll be there to help sell you stuff!

Sheri, David, Micah & Adria

The Soldatke family said...

Wow!!! How much fun will that be! What a great announcement. I can't get to whoville this weekend; but I will be praying!