Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bug boy

I took Mac to the toy store this week to spend a gift card he'd received a few months ago. All the way there, we discussed what he'd get, a dinosaur, a truck, some legos. We walked through the store, played with the trains, checked out the star wars guys, and then he saw it, his heart's desire!

BUGS! Real, formerly alive bugs, in little clear cubes of plastic.
The cashier freaked out just checking us out. Now when I step on that mystery toy in the darkened hallway, and swear exclaim from the pain and surprise, I'll get the extra joy of seeing real dead bugs!

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asian~treasures said...

And now, since seeing those bugs, my son has been wearing the same SPIDER shirt for 2 days. : )

I'll probably be seeing Adria eat bugs this summer!