Sunday, April 5, 2009

April Foolish

I love April Fools Day! It's one of my favorite holidays, right after Christmas and Easter, and we plan for it all year. In the past, I've frozen the cereal, sewn jammies shut, put rubber bands into pancakes, and all kinds of evil trickery. So this year......I forgot! Boy, was I in trouble, so I made up for it by fooling all week long. We had jello-d juice for breakfast, short sheeted beds, hidden school work, and all kinds of foolery.

April fooling the kids is fun, but the kids like best our longstanding tradition of fooling Daddy.
We have tie dyed his boxers, sewn them together, paper doll style, bought 2 sizes to small, sewn 20 sizes to big (see a theme?). This is one of the few mornings I have no trouble waking up for! This year, we did a treasure hunt, with clues. Poor Daddy was almost late for work! But it was find 'em, or go "commando"!

I have definitely run out of ideas, and now I need suggestions. What foolish thing can we do to Daddy's boxers next year?

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asian~treasures said...

Oh my word!! I can't believe you forgot. Be still my heart! I mean, I forgot...but, I was still sick & recovering from jetlat & mixed up days/nights, so I guess I have an excuse.
See you in the morning...Micah can't wait to play with Mac. And, it's really time for Adria to tell someone else to "knock it off."