Friday, March 27, 2009

Tye Dye for Alex!

I don't know how many of you remember this incident: A five year old in Florida named Alex was "voted", Survivor style, out of his kindergarten class. This action was lead by his teacher, frustrated with dealing with his behavior. The teacher's actions shocked me even before I found out Alex has Asperger Syndrome, the same diagnoses that Isaac has. Imagine the pain Alex and his mommy felt that horrible day! Read the full story here:

Alex's mom has started a project, similar to a chain letter, only sending tye-dyed shirts instead. Each participant will custom tye-dye 5 shirts, and send them to 5 friends with an autism spectrum disorder. Then those 5 kids will each send 5 more out! We are joining in the fun, not only because we want to support little Alex, and not only because we love our spectrum kid and his friends, but 'cause we LOVE to tye-dye too!!!

We will be dying 5 shirts to send to friends, and including a letter explaining the project. Alex's mom is looking for sponsors to donate supplies for participating families here. She also needs addresses of kids to receive shirts.

Wanna join in? Contact Alex's mom here:

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Rachael said...

I want to do this, will you tell me how??