Thursday, March 12, 2009


I have a confession to make. One that is going to make a significant percentage of the population gasp in astonishment. (Missy, you might want to stop reading right now!) I don't like to shop. I hate the mall. I'm an internet shopper. Click and ship, that's for me!

Several months ago I won a gift card to a trendy children's clothing store. The kind that can only be found in........The Mall. I tried desperately to use it on the internet, but it was for in store use only. I actually put of spending this windfall because of mall dread. We usually hit the mall once a year, when Mike's job plays another round of musical dress code, and it takes days of prep, and weeks of recovery. Did I mention I hate the mall?

So, I braced myself for entering those dreaded halls, because I was entering alone. Well not quite alone, but worse, because I was bringing the herd. As we entered, I was smacked with high school hall flash backs. Picture Nemo swimming against the tide. We slalomed through schools of teenagers fluxing between obstinate and oblivious. We just had to go the week of basketball playoffs. Every high school in the state was represented, in their school colors, with cheerleaders. I'm feeling the need for therapy just typing this!

Finally, we arrive at our destination. I liked nothing. No, that's not true, I loved the $85 Easter dress, with $35 sweater and $25 socks, but the blessed gift card wasn't stretching THAT far. The pants were......skimpy. The shirts were tight, short and.....skimpy. No way I'm putting my babies in THAT! Is this supposed to be for children? We wandered around, dazed and confused, looking, touching, gasping at price tags for 40 minutes.

I bought Mac some jeans. I don't even care if they don't fit, were not going back. On clearance, after the card, I still owed $17.

I hate the mall.

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missy said...

even i hate the mall at state bball time! next time, maybe you could sell it on ebay or craig's won't have to leave your house and you can use the money to buy something that does NOT require you having to endure the mall! those jeans should get you a little money back from once upon a child when he outgrows them, though!