Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Check It Out!

To say that we get our moneys worth out of the library is an understatement. We usually check out enough to last a few weeks at a time, because the library is so far away. While we do have a library here in Whoville, it is a small town library. Pretty, but lacking in options. Lets just say it isn't sufficient to our needs. So, we drive 25 miles to "The Big City" to pay them to use their system. We went today to drop off the bucket full of returns, and grab enough to last a few weeks.

When I say "enough", I mean 25-40 books. Enough that we have a wheeled cart to haul them all. I figure me for 5 books a week, Isaac for the same, a few for Mike and Emma, and 3 a day for Mac and Ellie. That adds up quick. We have received our share of strange looks as we wheel our bucket in or out, full to overflowing.

Today as I was checking out, a little girl stared in amazement, and asked why we were taking so many books. I explained as best I could, and called the kids to go. Isaac had run into a friend, who was checking out 1, as in a single, book. Mac giggled, snorted, and pointed. "Mom, he's only taking ONE book!" I'm not sure he knew you could get only one at a time.


Robyn said...

If you'd ever be interested in writing book reviews, I write for an online site. You get 'paid' so to speak by keeping the books you read. You can trade or donate them down the road, but you get free books and can tell others your opinions. :-)
Email me if you'd like more info.

missy said...

hilarious...especially when i know just who that one-book-checker-outer was!!!