Monday, March 23, 2009


This afternoon, as I was enjoying a blissful moment of peace, Mac came up the stairs to apologize. See, they'd been having a bouncing contest on the guest bed (Yes, we let them jump on the guest bed. Usually, we make them wait until the guests have left, but they don't always obey that one. Just a warning if you are considering an overnight stay.), and having a WONDERFUL time. And then my little prince remembered that his dear mom was all alone upstairs, and probably lonely, so he came up to apologize.

Mac "Mom, I'm sorry. I'm sorry you were up here all alone."
Me "Well, um.... I liked it. It was kinda nice."
Mac " WHAT? You LIKED it?????! All ALONE??"
Me "Ummmm, Yeah?"
Mac " You're crazy!'

Yup, I'm crazy alright. Then off he went to destroy the solar system. Literally. He's tearing apart our science mobile.


asian~treasures said...

I'm dreaming of days where I can be the bathroom, the kitchen, doing laundry...anywhere. : ) I'd forgotten how important it is to know where mommy is ALL the time.


Robyn said...

I wonder how I can train my kids to leave me alone while they just 'do'....

Thanking God that it is possible to find peaceful moments with kids. :-)

Fiddledeedee said...

Alone time. I crave it. I have a walk-in closet that I call my respite. But they find me.

It was very sweet of your boy to worry about you. I have to remember to cherish these days. :)

(And thank you for commenting on the Mom's Homeroom Boards.)

Emiley said...

This is why I LOVE kids!!!