Friday, February 20, 2009

Update on the Update

Update on the Update: The MRI went well. Mike took him in, while I stayed home with the rest of the herd. Even when they had to give him an I.V., which they had not told us about, so we hadn't prepared him for, he just went with it. It probably helped that they gave him a chill pill first(literally-he got a Xanex).

Isaac's take on MRIs-"It like being stuffed into a sewer pipe while Thor hammers on it".


The Soldatke family said...

Oh goodness, I just caught up! Holy cow! I told you, it's super hard to get in!! Who's your "pediatric specialist"? I didn't know we had one of those in Lincoln!

asian~treasures said...

Seriously...a sewer pipe? When exactly was the last time he was in a sewer pipe. Funny decription, but sounds just like him! Glad he did well!!!


Robyn said...

Oh my--I just sat down to catch up for the week. I'm now praying for you and yours!!

missy said...

lol about thor and the sewer pipe. so descriptive! thanks for being my delivery girl today. i saw sara ellis today. i told her you said "hi". then i told her that was kind of a lie, but that if you knew i was going to be seeing her, you would have sent your love!