Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday.....Again

It is again time for all mommies to bear their souls, be disgustingly honest, and deny all the ugly happenings in their homes! Check out more Not Me Mondays here at My Charming Kids

I am not doubling up by doing my Bible study while walking on the treadmill. My writing is not so shaky from the walking that I can't decipher the answers, and have to guess what it MIGHT say.

I did not encourage my son to chase his pretend pet squid under the sofa so he could toss out the toys under there. I did not then let him eat the piece of Halloween candy he found (Hey, it was still wrapped!).

I did not make my sweetie load up the Goodwill stack into the back of the van, only to forget all about it, and then make him unload it all so I could get the groceries in there.

And speaking of groceries....I did not put off shopping, AGAIN, until we were eating a strange combination of ingredients. Who doesn't likes green beans, peaches and Chinese crunchy noodles for lunch?


missy said...

i want to encourage you about the positive parts of your "not me monday"...
-you actually did your bible study.
-you actually exercised on the treadmill
-your kids ate veggies and fruit

amidst the craziness and quirkiness (which you and i both see as a complimentary word!), i applaud you for your efforts.

mamajil said...

Gosh I am encouraged to know that I am not the only one that leaves good will bags in the car...instead of dropping them off even if I pass by good will a zillion times :)
I've enjoyed your blog!

Mindee said...

1) Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. :)

2) Um, I did NOT collect all my plastic garbage sacks to take in for recycling and then get frustrated at the mess and throw them away instead.