Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mt. Laundry

You'd think after the laundry room remodel, all arranged to make things maximum efficiency, that I'd be constantly caught up on laundry. You'd be wrong. I get so far behind that I have to ask Emmy for help. Heck, sometimes I ask Mike for help, and that is truly desperate! I made a rule, just for myself, that I'd haul all the upstairs laundry up at least twice a week, so the load doesn't get to big to carry, and trust me, it does get that full.

But it got away from me this week. We came home with 6 people times 5 days, plus swim stuff, plus dress clothes, worth of dirty laundry. And, as no one was willing to participate in "Naked Day" to help me out, I've been washing like crazy. The going upstairs basket overflowed, got transferred to my bedroom floor, and has now filled again!

Now, not only do I have dirty mount laundry in the basement, I have clean mount laundry in my room! Does this sound like the perfect time to test out all the home made laundry soap I've been reading about here and here? Yes!

Now I just have to drag myself to the store to get the ingredients!


missy said...

i missed "naked day" on your list of celebrations. too bad they were such fuddy-duddy's and wouldn't help ya out on that one. have fun conquering mt. laundry this weekend!

Annie said...

Maybe there is a reality show in this. You could get sponsored and they could time lapse the whole thing where you are sped up to 10 times normal and then spend 3 seconds on your laundry soap of "choice" and oooh maybe you could get the Electrolux models that wash and dry a load in 18 minutes total. Ooh, I'm calling TLC for you now.

And if that doesn't work out, you will just have to enforce naked day.