Friday, November 7, 2008

Out of the closet

I have been telling a friend at co-op about our Duggar style "family closet" and wanted to show her some pictures of what
it looks like, it is! The little kids clothes are on one set of shelves, the big kids on the other. Shirts, pants, jammies, and socks in baskets, dresses on one rack, Isaac's pants and both boys nice shirts on the other. I LOVE how quick easy it is to put everything away. The dryer on the right, the clothes on the left, so it's 1-4 steps to everything. I do wish I could keep the bedding and towels down there too, but there isn't any room left, so I still have to haul all that up the stairs.
Oh, the laundry basket on the floor is for sorting dirty stuff, and no I did not tidy up the shelves before I took these pictures, so they look a mess!


Shanna said...

My husband keeps saying he wants us to have a family closet. If we had the space near the laundry room, I'd love to do it! Yours looks great!

Jenny said...

Wonderful idea!
I'm wondering, just how big is that closet? Is it a closet that you already had or did you have to do a little remodel to get it the way you wanted?
Thanks for linking! :D

Keesler Chaos said...

This is our laundry/utility room. It is just a long skinny room, so the washer, drier,furnace and hot water heater are in a row on the right, closet on the left.