Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Michigan, prepare for liftoff!


We are off to the wild and woolly state of Michigan. I am kinda a super planner when it comes to traveling. I like to make lists, pull clothes as I wash, look for fun to do on the way, get audio books from the library, and a whole bunch of other over planned stuff. I wasn't able to over-plan this time. I wasn't really able to plan at all. Mike's grandfather passes away, and I wasn't sure we were going until the day before, so I had to toss it all and run. Wish me sanity! It's a 10+ hour drive!!!

I am planning on writing as we go, sort of a quick and dirty travel journal, but won't publish till we get back. I think it would work out better for all if we didn't announce to the world that our house, and it's contents, were being guarded by a fat white cat, whose sole interest is her next meal.

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