Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day one


There is nothing I love better, after spending the day trapped in the car with 4 wiggly kids, then to be crammed into a small hotel room with 4 hyper kids! Weeeeee! My kids think that the whole purpose of having two beds that close together is to see who can break their leg by jumping from one bed to the other. I pity our neighbors.

We counted 82 cars that had slid off the road and into the snow, several flipped. That made the trip SO much more exciting! We stopped to have dinner with Mike's dad, and spent the night there. Only 4 hours to go to reach our destination!

PS-Mac slept right next to the room heater, so we woke at 2:30 to find our room was 83*! There is nothing better than a mid-trip sauna to clear your mind.

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Annie said...

Oh my. I know they should have a kid only floor so we don't feel so awful taking kids places. We always stay at the Residence Inn if one is available, it's cheaper than two rooms adjoining and usually set up so that the beds aren't near the neighbors. Extra bonus is fully stocked kitchens and they'll do the shopping. Extra extra bonus, they have playgrounds on site and are usually built around a court yard of some sort. We have six kids and I cry if there isn't one in our destination. Not really, but I do get a little sad.