Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Days four and five

I'm writing this from home. Sorry to break the suspense, but we survived! We got up on Tues, with all 5 kids, ran to W-mart to get the oil changed. I usually do this before we go, but didn't have time, and we were WAY overdue. They told us 40 minutes, which was great, because I'd promised a doughnut chow-down. So, after eating, we headed back, not done. Played in electronics for 20 minutes. Still not done. Checked out toys, Still not done. Mock re-decorated the girl's rooms, STILL NOT DONE. Now I'm getting frantic, because we have to get Amaya home in time to get dressed for the funeral, and we are cutting it close. FINALLY, 2+ hours later, done. Some lady had a tantrum to get her car serviced first, and we got bumped. My ever loyal sweetie wouldn't let me complain, but I SHOULD HAVE!!

We rushed across town, where Amaya got tossed into her clothes and we sprinted to the funeral. I can't believe how well behaved Mac was. I had brought some quiet toys for him, but as he had decided this was church, he knew just how to behave, and sat mostly quietly. Mike's grandma was impressed at how he did.

We needed to get going right after, and left from there to drive half way home. We stopped to have dinner with Mike's dad at 10:30 at night. My poor kiddos kept laying down on the benches at the restaurant, but as soon as we got checked in, couldn't stop jumping on the bed!

We got home this afternoon, and I fell into bed for a two hour nap. I think I'd have slept longer if someone had not come in to ask me a question.

We listened to "Marley" on the CD player, and it was FANTASTIC, so now the kids want to see the movie. It's my audio book recommend for the week. Entertaining for all the kids and me!

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