Thursday, January 22, 2009


After 4 days in a car, and 3 more stuffed into a hotel room, I got a lot "down time", and knowing my adult-onset ADD would be kicking in, I brought along my "ole standby" fluffy socks, to crochet. I keep these in a tote bag in my car for when I need something to do with my hands. These tiny dollies are for a project I am making for a friend. They turned out so cute! They are 2" tall, and travel well, so I might be trading in the socks! Sorry Jamie, I guess your girls will just have cold feet now! Wanna see more crafty moms? Check out Ship Full of Pirates! I love her blog. She is another homeschooler with a ship full of boys, and one pretty princess, and she makes me laugh!


Mother Hen said...

I love the tiny dollies! How adorable!
Thanks for linking. Please spread the word by including a link back to Ship Full O' Pirates.

mamajil said...

cute dollies!!! where did you find a pattern that small??

Mother Hen said...

Thanks for participating in Mother Hen's Homemade Thursday. Come aboard the Ship. I'm handin' out awards and your name is on th' list!