Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Steps to putting jammies on BY MYSELF by Mac

Lay your shirt out flat on the floor

Spent a lot of time smoothing out the wrinkles and buttoning all buttons and lining it up just right.

Lay on the floor under the opening and wiggle your body into the biggest hole

Poke arms through sleeves.

Runaround with head still inside knocking over chairs for 3 minutes

Poke head out as Mommy's insistence

Don't notice the tag is in the front.

Lay pants flat on the floor

Slide both legs down one leg hole

Jump around knocking over chairs for 4 minutes.

Remove pants at Mommy's insistence

Run around pants-less for as long as possible

Get caught by Mommy and have pants forcibly applied

Insist that they are on backwards regardless of proof

Remove pants and put back on with tag in the front

Complain that tag itches your belly button

5 minutes after being tucked into bed for the 3rd time, remove pants, undo all buttons

Loose pants in bed and call for search party to help co-ordinate recovery

Fall asleep on furnace vent wearing only underwear and an unbuttoned shirt

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