Sunday, November 2, 2008


I have a confession to make. I love silly holidays. I have several sites bookmarked, and I check them often, and yes, we celebrate them too. In the spirit of giving, I want to share a few of the holidays we will be celebrating this month. Please join in the fun, and let me know how you chose to celebrate!

November Holidays

Gluten free diet awareness month (celebrated every month at our house!)

International drum month (For my little drummer boy)

National peanut butter lovers’ month-Yum!

Vegan month

Nov. 2-Cookie monster day (Yum again!)

Nov. 3-Housewife day(do you think I'll get flowers?)

Nov. 4-Use your common sense day(just one day a year?), Waiting for barbarians day(too late, they're here!)

Nov. 6 National men make dinner day(I wish!), Saxophone day(for my sax player), Marooned without a compass day

Nov. 8 Parents as teachers day (just for you Nana!)

Nov. 9 Chaos never dies day (especially at my house!)

Nov. 14 Loosen up-lighten up day

Nov. 15 National bunt pan day (it’s not the pan I love as much as the cake!)

Nov. 17 Homemade bread day(Yum again!)

Nov. 18 Mickey Mouse day

Nov. 20 Absurdity day

Nov. Start your own country day

Nov. 28 Black Friday (or Daddy works from 3 in the morning ‘till 3 in the morning day)

Nov. 28 Sinkey day-the day you eat leftovers while standing at the sink

Nov. 30 Stay at home because your well day


Anonymous said...

Ooooh yay! My birthday coincides with "stay home cause you're well day"!!! Yipppeeee! :D

asian~treasures said...

Oh my many good ones. We'll have to join you on the 'drummer day,' although we won't quite have the drums yet.