Monday, March 6, 2017

Foster Update

We had our final foster care homestudy tonight.

Luckily, we were pretty much ready,

and the last thing we need to get done

can wait a bit.

We will have some catching up to do

with classes, as our CPR/first aids expired

just last month!

As she walked out the door,

she let us know they were pushing

her to get everything done ASAP

because they want us licensed fast!

Not the four to six weeks she'd told us previously,


They are desperate for families who can take

newborns, and we're available to take newborns,

so buckle up!

This news sent us into overdrive getting things done!

Crib needs assembled, tiny sleepers need bought,

box of baby stuff needs unearthed from storage,

and I need to sew some sheets!

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