Friday, December 2, 2016

Tradition! Tradition!

I didn't want to inturrupt

my white privilege list with

other stuff, so I need to play

a bit of catch up!

Our big traditions for Thanksgiving

got all rearranged this year!

For those not in the know,

we have some quirky traditions,

including our traditional Thanksgiving corndogs.

Yes, corndogs.

Many years ago, we moved far from family and friends,

and with a husband on the bottom rung,

working retail,

Thanksgiving day was not one we spent together.

So I loaded up my toddler and we met Hubs

at the snack bar,

the only open, fast and inexpensive,

place for us to go.

We ate corndogs and tater tots,

and saved our turkey for Hubs's day off.

The next year, this time with a new baby along,

we repeated this, and joked it was

now a tradition!

And it stuck! 

We've had corndogs and tater tots

every year,


and saved our turkey for Hub's day off.

This year was a little different, since

Hubs was actually home,

thanks to his new job.

My kids would never allow

this tradition to just melt away, 
so we just rearranged a bit, and saved our

corndogs for the day after,

to eat while we

binge watched the Gilmore Girls marathon.

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