Thursday, October 6, 2016

Getting Ready

We're getting ready for our

annual trip to Texas

to see Babycakes first family.

This always stresses me out,

but this year,

I'm feeling it even more.

This will be the first time we've visited

since Baby Brother's death.

I know Babycakes

is stressed out too.

He has talked repeatedly

about how sad he is

that Baby Brother won't be in Texas

for us to play with.

He's nervous about

seeing Big Brother,

who he hasn't seen since

he was a baby, so

has no memories of.

I'm also leaving the rest of my crowd

home alone,

which makes me fret too.

I know they will be absolutely fine,

but mamas worry!

1 comment:

RaD said...

Wait! That just threw me for a loop. Baby brother passed away? Did I miss that? I wasn't going to bug you about it but I couldn't find a way to read the past posts without scrolling back a page at a time.

I'm so sad for you and especially for Baby Cakes, but I am glad to hear he had a great time with Big Brother.