Tuesday, August 23, 2016


This little car

was the best deal I've ever gotten!

Our neighbor sat this car,

half assembled,

and the box for it

out by his trash.

I drove past it all day,

and finally got brave enough to ask

why it was in the trash.

The man had assembled it wrong, and

was unable to fix it,

so he was tossing it!

I asked if I could take it.

I figured I could always put it in

my trash can if I couldn't fix it.

I know the manufacture would sell me replacement parts,


We dragged it home and found the problem.

I had to pry a piece off, but was able

to put the rest together,

with ZERO problems.

I was feeling pretty lucky that I'd only need

to buy one tiny piece to make it complete,

and then I found the that they'd

included a spare!

I had a brand new Little Tykes car!

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