Monday, June 20, 2016

Fun in Boulder

Today was a day trip

to Boulder.

We wandered down the

Pearl Street Mall,

where the kids climbed

all over the statues

and the teens

checked out the cool shops.

 He begged for an hour

to play in this fountain.

and I finally said yes,

and he wouldn't get wet!
 After lunch,

we headed up the mountain

for a hike,
 and threw rocks into the creek.

 It was too wild to play in the water,

so we found a nice park

where the creek slowed,

and played there!

The water was FREEZING!
But we had fun playing in it anyway.
We saw several groups going down

the creek in tubes,

which looked fun,

but I'd be afraid of hypothermia!

Today was so much fun,

we will be making it

an addition to our usual fun in Colorado sites!

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