Friday, March 25, 2016

History Fair 2016

I know it totally makes us


but we love history fair.

Love it enough to drive

all the way back to attend it.

This year Mimi presented

Anna Leonowens.

She's the real person that the

play/movie The King and I

are based on.

Her essay turned out to be

quite tricky, as Anna

chose to embellish

her story quite a bit!

Mimi had to tell the tale Anna told,

and compare/contrast that with historical evidence.

 Princess presented The Unsinkable Violet Jessup,

who survived the sinking of three separate boats,

including the Titanic!
 Mac presented Norse Mythology

and wore a much coveted

Thor costume.
 Instead of speaking, Princess chose

to play the song that

the orchestra played as the Titanic went down.
I'm pretty please that we managed to

get everything done in time,

and still make it out the door

with eight kids in tow!

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