Monday, February 22, 2016


Great news!

Buddy got a job!

This was a goal for him back

in our old house,

but no one wants to hire a kid

that will be moving

in a few months,

so that fell flat.

Now, onto the bad.

I just spent the last two days

at the DMV

trying to get him a

new state ID.

His old one expired,

and we made the mistake of not getting

a new one, as we were just

weeks from moving!


Now we had to rush to get the new one

so he could start his job!


the standard DMV line is TWO HOURS OR MORE!

Which meant us sitting

for a very long time,

only to find out they wouldn't

issue him one without

proof of address.

And the proof of address must be in his name,

not mine,

because he's too old to use mine!


he doesn't have any mail

showing our new address,

so no proof of address!

And how does one get

mail with one's address

in less than 48 hours?!


we worked it out,

by asking the bank to mail

him some junk mail.

Yes, they were a little

puzzled by that request!

Yes, the DMV would accept junk mail!

And just in the nick of time,

because he starts tomorrow!

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