Saturday, February 27, 2016

Adventures in Refrigeration


We have a fridge situation.

When we moved in,

the previous owner had taken her

fridge with her.

She generously left an old one

in the garage.

So, Hubs and I headed out to buy a new one

just days after we got here.

Turns out the opening in the

cabinets are not a standard size.

So, we had to either remodel

the kitchen


buy a non standard fridge.

Since a new fridge is a LOT

less than a remodel,

we ordered a fridge.

Got a great deal too!

It was supposed to be delivered last week,

it didn't come.

It was supposed to be delivered this week,

but it didn't come.

We got a call telling us

it won't be here

until April.


So,  I will continue to walk back and forth

to the garage

every time I need a stick of butter

or to put leftovers away






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