Monday, November 2, 2015

Packing, the Pre Game

The very first thing I knew I

MUST do,  is pack up my sewing.

If I can turn to that joy,

instead of what I actually need to do,

the stuff I need to do

will never get started, 

not to mention finished!

So, after lovingly folding
every project,

and tucking it carefully into a box,

I took a look at ground zero

aka the playroom!
It will be first to go into boxes,

as we need that room to store the other boxes

we'll fill when getting the house ready to sell.

So, filled with dread, I wandered in.
We need to pick up before we can 

start the sorting 


and purging, 

and it's a mess!
Mac and I are tackling that

this afternoon!

Pray for safety!

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