Friday, October 23, 2015

The Chair

When we moved into this house,

we headed to IKEA to get some

furniture to fill in a few gaps.

The girls found a chair they REALLY wanted:
 It was cozy, comfortable, perfect for reading in,

and not childish!


it was WAY over their budget.

A few months later,

we were in pricing mattresses for

Mimi's new bed,

and found a similar chair they loved.

This one was even better, as it RECLINED!

and it was even less!

Unfortunately, it was still

out of their budget,

so no chair.

Then, yesterday, Mim's friend called

from the local thrift store.

There was a chair just like the one they wanted!

Hurry, come see!

So we jumped into the van,

and headed to check it out!

Not only was it a great color,

and just the look they wanted,

AND it reclined,

but it was a whopping twenty dollars!

We gave it a through check,

loaded it up, and headed home!

 It did need a good cleaning,

but after that,

it was in great shape,

and has become an instant favorite!