Thursday, October 15, 2015

Rowing Together!

Ever since we discovered the curriculum

Five in a Row,

three kids ago,

I've wanted to put together a group

so we could all "row" together!

It never worked out with the big kids,

although I taught several

FIAR inspired classes

at our beloved co-op,

and I've been waiting with anticipation

to try and get one going for Babycakes.
 The homeschoolers here are not

very enthusiastic to try new things,

so I wasn't sure it would take off,

but after introducing the idea,

myself and four other mamas

dove in!
 We "row"ed Blueberries for Sal,

and did some art, cooking,

and lots of learning!
I was simply thrilled,

but Babycakes?


He decided he's rather play with his toys,

and disapeared after painting and eating.

The other kids were delighted,

so we're planning to meet again next month!

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