Friday, September 25, 2015

Respite Re-do

I got another respite call,

this one for a toddler.

Then, within minutes, another call

asking if we'd watch the two kids we had

last time.

Since one was for morning,

the other for afternoon,

I said sure!

I was really excited to have a chance

to see the sibling pair from the last time,

and see how they were doing in their new placement.

Then, when it was too late

to say no,

they changed times!

Now we'd have all three kids

at the same time!!

 The toddler was


Honestly, I can't think of a word

that would describe it.

Very, very, very hard.

The other two,

busy, but not frantic like last time.

When the toddler left,

and we were down to the two,

they really settled down,

and I truly enjoyed spending time with them.

When their new foster mom came to get them,

we discover that they are practically neighbors!

They live on the next block over,

just a quick walk around the block!

I freely admit that that the experince

with this toddler

has shaken me.

It's really made me rethink

how hard this will be!

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Anonymous said...

We also just started doing foster respite and I will admit that I didn't realize how hard it would be either. (But then our first placement was 9 days with 2 young kids who had just been apprehended and were so traumatized) it makes me realize the work full time foster parents do !