Sunday, September 13, 2015

Emergency Call

We got a phone call yesterday

while Hubs and I were on a lunch date.

Emergency respite for a 5 year old boy,

and a 7 year old girl!

We are totally not set up for school aged kiddos,

but surely we can do an overnight.


It was chaos!

Ok, chaos on a higher level than

our normal standard!

They were understandably

nervous, hyper, anxious, and

full of questions

that I had no answers to!

Now that I can reflect on the experience,

I'm really glad we said yes,

even thought I'd been pretty determined

to stick to our guns on ages.

I can now confirm that running two different schedules,

one for homeschoolers,

and one for school attenders,

is more than my frazzled brain can accommodate!

So, after that exciting all nighter,

we're back to waiting!

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