Thursday, July 23, 2015

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting, Wait.....

We've been waiting for our

foster care license to come through

for months!

First, was the 12 weeks of classes,

then the miles of paperwork,

then the homestudy,

and the fingerprints.

OH, the fingerprints!

 My first set got sent back

because it wasn't clear enough.

But that took 5 weeks!

Then, the second set also took

5 weeks, but finally passed,

only to find out Buddy's weren't

clear enough either!

His took 7 weeks to clear!

Then the state worker had a few questions

and the local worker..

and the mailman ...

Ok, not really the mailman, it just felt that way!

Anyway, after SIX MONTHS,

we should be done!

Now I'm waiting to get a phone call!

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